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    LINK:  CDT-4 Code Module for Edentistry Reader  

Posted by:Editor on Thursday September 9th, 2004 

Boabab Publishing Inc has released CDT-4 Code Module for Edentistry Reader

This new module for their 'Edentistry Reader' features:
  • Tree-like listing of all current CDT-4 codes
  • Complete ADA description and CDT-4 code for each procedure
  • Complete ADA Notes on each code and procedure
  • Allows for fast and accurate coding for all dental procedures


    LINK:  Pocket Dental Reference  

Posted by:Editor on Thursday September 9th, 2004 

Vasantham Soft Solutions has released Pocket Dental Reference . A Knowledge Pack Reference utility for Dentists. It Covers A-z of Dental Terms, Mouth Anatomy, Dental Tips, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Surgery , Smile Solutions, Oral Pathology, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Teeth, Disease Radiology ... A complete reference to Dental , useful to Students, Dentists - To know A-Z of Dental Terms in a single application. Transform your Pocket pc to a complete dental dictionary. .      MORE....


    LINK: Palmsource Review Article on Palm-OS use in Dentistry

Posted by:Editor on Tuesday September 7th, 2004 

Palmsource has a review article by  Elise Eisenberg. It describes a brief history of PALM-OS use in the dental setting and has a palmdmd-like log of some examples of programs.       MORE....


    LINK:  DrDin Info Solutions releases 'Medical History for Dental Offices'. 

Posted by:Editor on Thursday February 28th, 2002 

DrDin Info Solutions has released 'Medical History for Dental Offices'. This is an application designed for Dentists, Dental Auxiliaries and Dental Clinics. It analyzes the response to Medical History questions and provides the proper precautions and information for the Dentist and staff to consider. .      MORE....


    LINK: The 5 Minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals - Re-Released

Posted by:Editor on Thursday February 28th, 2002 

Skyscape has re-released a Palm OS® and Windows® CE version of the popular Lippincott Williams & Wilkins title "5 minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals". It provides information on medical conditions and their effect on the management of  dental patients. Categories covered are: basics, etiology, diagnosis, treatment, coding, and miscellaneous.       MORE....


    LINK: Eaglesoft releases Everyware, a Palm-Os implementation of their practice management system

Posted by:Editor on Friday September 29th, 2001 

Eaglesoft has released a Palm-OS implementation of their practice management software, Eaglesoft. Personal scheduling, phone book, prescriptions, post-op calls and other tasks are implemented in a Palm-OS application.      MORE....


    LINK: Dentrix 8.0 features Palm-OS Module

Posted by:Editor on Friday September 7th, 2001 

Dentrix has released a Palm-OS module for their popular office management package. They claim the module makes it easier to schedule and reschedule appointments, prescribe medications and perform other office tasks.      MORE....


    NEWS ARTICLE: A guide to handheld computers in dentistry

Posted by:Editor on Friday August 3th, 2001 

Dentalproducts magazine has an interesting article by Dr. Larry Emmott on the current and future uses of PDAs in dental practice and some buying tips for prospective PDA owners. READ....


   UPDATE:  eDentistry Reader - 2 new modules released

Posted by:Editor on Friday July 13th, 2001 

Boabab Publishing has released two new modules for their eDentistry Reader palm-os application. The 'local anesthetic properties' module has dosages and guidelines for commonly used local anesthetics. The other module 'Fluoride Supplementation Regimen' features optimal fluoride dosage guidelines based on age and the fluoride concentration in the local water supply. More...


  LINK:  ACE-Dental releases a PALM-OS interface for their office management software

Posted by:Editor on Friday May 25th, 2001 

ACE-Dental has released an palm-os interface for their dental office management system.They report that it allows you to carry patient, appointment, follow up, doctor, pharmacy, and to do information with you.



 NEWS:  US Army develops PalmCDA to aid in dental records management

Posted by:Editor on Saturday April 28th, 2001 

The  US Army has developed a Palm-OS based application for dentists and other dental providers at Fort Hood, Texas, to streamline the management of patient records.  The Palm device can store the text information from 6,000 patient records. The user enters personal information and customizes a template. With the base information entered, the provider can select from a menu of more than 600 dental procedures. Once the procedure is complete, the information can be downloaded directly into a desktop computer-based Corporate Dental Application database and shared with U.S. Army Dental Command headquarters.



LINK:  Dentalog 1.0

Posted by:Editor on Friday April 13th, 2001 

Dentalog has released a Palm-OS  program designed to provide dentists with mobile patient information. The application can store treatment plans, prescriptions, medical & dental histories and clinical examination data.   

  Free 30 day Demo Download

Dentalog 1.0

LINK:  Dental Materials 1.0

Posted by:Editor on Friday April 13th, 2001 

Tom Chou  has released a Palm-OS  database to record information about dental materials, quantity, price, supplier and date of purchase.   

  Free Download

Dental Materials 1.0

LINK: Dental Terms in Italian 1.01

Posted by:Editor on Friday March 9th, 2001 

Beiks has released Dental Terms in Italian for BDicty, a dictionary program, both Public and Commercial versions are available. This dictionary contains 530 Dental terms translated into Italian. The dental terms dictionary was contributed by Eric Nelson.

  Download | Requires:BDicty

Dental Terms in Italian


Posted by:Editor on Friday February 16th, 2001 

Boabab Publishing has released eDENTISTRY Reader a Palm-OS based application for use in daily clinical practice. Current modules include: management of hypertension, CDT-2 coding and SBE prophylaxis. Updated and new modules can be downloaded online.


eDentistry Reader

LINK: Dental Pocket Reference 

Posted by:Editor on Monday February 5th, 2001 

Arkansoft has released a Palm-OS based drug database. Hundreds of drugs and drug interactions in computer-searchable format.

More | Requires | thinkBD 


LINK: DentalDrugs®   3.1 

Posted by:Editor on Monday February 5th, 2001 

Skyscape has released a Palm-OS Dental Drug application It covers over 5,000 drugs commonly prescribed, by dentists or being taken by dental patients, including the oral manifestations of drugs, pertinent dental drug interactions, and dosing of drugs in dental treatment.

More | Download |


LINK: Dental.com®  Offsite 

Posted by:Editor on Friday January 5th, 2001 

Thompson Dental Company has released a Windows CE application for their dental office management software 'Dental.com'. Included in the Dental.com® OffSite module is the following information: patient record, alerts, prescriptions, history, patient financials, practice financials, patient photo, appointment schedule, patient search, call list, pharmacy list, intraoral camera images and digital x-rays. It is interesting to see Windows CE applications emerging, despite the dominance of the Palm-OS platform in the PDA market.

More | Download |


LINK: PractiGo™

Posted by:Editor on Friday December 1st , 2000

Dentsply has released a Palm OS application for their dental office management software. Now you can carry your schedule,  memos, financials, pharmacy list, recent prescription list,  referral list and call back list on your trusty Palmpilot/Visor. Just don't loose it!

More | Download |


LINK: Dental Drugs for the Palm Pilot

Posted by:Editor on Monday August 21st , 2000

Lexi-Comp has released a Palm OS/Windows CE based version of  "Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry".

More | Download |


LINK: The 5 Minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals - Update

Posted by:Editor on Wednesday June 7th , 2000

@ Hand Medical has released a Palm OS/Windows CE based version of the popular "5 Minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals".

UPDATE: @ Hand Medical and HandHeldMed have merged. Currently, this application is still in development. As soon as it is re-released we will update the links. - Editor

More | Download | Requires:@Hand Reader



Posted by: Editor on Monday March 27th , 2000

Ilium Software has released a Windows CE based CDT-2 Coding list for their software Listpro on PDAMD.com

CDT-2 Screenshot More | Download | Requires:Listpro


CDT-2 Screenshot

      The CDT-2 Coding system for dental procedures

          More | Download | Requires: TealInfo


DOWNLOAD: SBE Prophylaxis Recommendations
SBE Screenshot

      The American Heart Association's Recommendations for SBE Prophylaxis

          More | Download | Requires: TealInfo


LINK: Oral Pathology Text

Posted by: Editor on Saturday February 12th , 2000

DentalMedSoft has released a palm version of an Oral Pathology textbook. For win CE / Palm Os. Download a free demo version.


LINK: ePocrates qRx

Posted by: Editor on Saturday February 12th , 2000

Epocrates has released a medical Pharmacopeoia "ePocrates qRx" for the Palm OS. Very complete and updated regularly. It is a free download, after you register that is.


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